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Casting Call: You Could Be in a Music Video!

Here's your chance to be in a music video!
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Move to This State If You Want to Be Happy

It’s important to live somewhere that makes you happy. And if you happen to reside in Hawaii then you’re chances of being in a good mood are better than the rest of Americans, at least according to Wallet Hub. To determine which state had the most joyous citizens , the organization compared all 50...
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Ever Dream of Living in Hawaii? This May Change Your Mind.

By: Rob Stone I always wonder why I live in Michigan and not somewhere tropical. Especially in the winter. Reason one is; my whole family is here and reason two may come from a recent list of the most expensive states to live in. CNBC came up with the list and says their index was based on the cost...
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Celebrate the 4th of July with these essential songs

Looking for a soundtrack to your Independence Day celebration? We've put together a list of 20 essential songs to put on your 4th of July playlist.
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Turns out grandma’s Fourth of July shirt isn’t actually celebrating America

While watching the World Cup, Dale Cheesman (@dalecheesman4) saw something familiar: Panama's flag. His grandmother had been wearing it on a shirt every Independence Day for 25 years, thinking it was a creative representation of America's own flag.
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Pizza Hut Promises Free Pizza If This Super Bowl Record Is Broken

Here’s how YOU can score free pizza after the Super Bowl.
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The Best Place to Live in America is...

Are you surprised?
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