Free and Cheap Burger Deals for National Cheeseburger Day 2019

Is National Cheeseburger Day a real holiday? One answer is: Who cares? An even better answer might be: The DEALS are real. We know you can't wait to get your hands on a burger for the Sept. 18 holiday so we've put together these juicy, charbroiled deals. That cheeseburger you bite into will be even...
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IHOP Changing Its Name Over Burgers Again, But Not To IHOb This Time

IHOP has introduced new burgers to their menu which may seem to be the reason behind the proposed name change to IHOB.
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McDonald's Annoys Burger Lovers With April Fool's Day Prank

SO FUN! McDonald's made some customers upset after playing an April Fool's Day joke. McDonald's claimed to be introducing the McPickle Burger, with cheese, ketchup, a sesame seed bun, and two mounds of pickles. They even shared a video of the burger on their Australian social media pages and pickle...
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Too Cold to Go Out to Get Food? See Who's Delivering FREE Burgers!

By: The Rob + Holly Show If you're able to hibernate today, you probably should. If you didn't end up stocking up on food, we have a solution for you. Wendy's wants you to have your beef and bacon too. If you order Wendy's through Door Dash this week, you can get a free Baconator sandwich with the...
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IHOP Reveals The Mystery Of IHOb

To promote getting lunch and dinner, they have added some new burgers to the menu including the Big Brunch Burger. I
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IKEA Test Kitchen Exploring Bug Burgers And Algae Buns

IKEA's test kitchen truly believes that these food options will be tasty options and the go to food of the future.
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