Owning a Dog Can Help You Live Longer!

It may come as no suprise that the way to live longer is to own a dog. Studies show that having Man's Best Friend around "is actively protective against dying of any cause". Researchers also found that there is a 24 percent drop in "cause mortality" if a person has a canine friend in their life...
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Giddy Up Pup

MI Humane Hosts Giddy Up Pup This Weekend in Detroit!

Sellers Subaru presents the inaugural Michigan Humane Giddy Up Pup on Sunday, October 6 at Detroit’s historic Eastern Market! This is a rare opportunity for riders to bring their horses and walk or trot along the city streets, led by the Detroit Mounted Police. Don’t have a horse? Then bring your...
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Nicole Kidman Is a Dog Mom: 'Been Waiting My Whole Life for This!'

The "Big Little Lies" star has revealed she’s become the mother of an adorable pup, according to Us Magazine .
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Rover Releases 'Best Dog-Friendly Companies' List

For some, dogs are considered their babies and they treat them as such - so if there is a National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, why not have a National Take Your Dog to Work Day?
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Pet Of The Week: Adopt Molly Today!

Meet Molly! She’s available for adoption today from the Michigan Humane Society. Can you handle a lot of puppy kisses? This is the dog for you.
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99 5 WYCD Pet Of The Week Barley

Pet Of The Week: Adopt Barley Today!

This is Barley. Check out this wrinkly bundle of love. He's our Tito's Handmade Vodka pet of the week!
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Pet of the Week Buster

Pet Of The Week: Adopt Buster Today!

Meet Buster! He's melting hearts in the office today with his fresh haircut and underbite.
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Dog Gone Pet of the Week Zoey

Pet Of The Week: Adopt Zoey Today!

Meet Zoey! She’s a very cuddly pet of the week and she’s looking for a forever home. Find her at the Michigan Humane Society.
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'SHAMEFUL': Woman Charged With Dumping 7 Puppies In Trash

A California woman could face up to seven years behind bars on a slew of charges filed Tuesday after authorities say surveillance video showed her casually tossing a bag of 3-day-old puppies into a trash can on a sweltering day.
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Pet Of The Week: Adopt Georgie Today!

Help us make sure he gets to a great family.
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