Metro Detroit Hospitals Need Help

Metro Detroit Hospitals Ask For Supply Donations To Help Protect Staff, Patients

Hospitals in southeast Michigan are asking for help from the public as the new coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the state.
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6-Year-Old Boy Donates Disney World Savings to Dorian Evacuees

( KNX ) - As Anne Frank so eloquently wrote in her diary, that "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart," so this quote befits the actions of 6-year-old Jermaine Bell, who emptied his piggy bank of money saved for a trip to Disney World for his birthday to...
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From Duct-Taped Shoes To $11M: Man Leaves Surprise Donations

Alan Naiman was known for an unabashed thriftiness that veered into comical, but even those closest to him had no inkling of the fortune that he quietly amassed and the last act that he had long planned.
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What you need to know about Giving Tuesday

After a weekend of holiday shopping, it's time for consumers to get charitable.
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Drunk Man Who Took $1,600 Uber Ride Seeking Donations

He passed out in the vehicle in West Virginia and woke up two hours later on the way to his home in New Jersey.
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