Blake Shelton's Top Five Favorite Foods!

Blake Shelton revealed to Country Living Magazine what his stomach really loves. 1) Homemade cheese dip 2) Chicken Fried Steak 3) Mashed Potatoes 4) Country Gravy 5) Cheetos You can read the entire article here which includes recipes.
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Fire Truck

Almont's Country Smoke House Suffers Devastating Fire

By Rob Stone: Growing up in Almont, MI the Country Smoke House on Van Dyke was a staple! My dad took his deer there and we were always buying our meat there. I just had a conversation with Steve Jr., the owners son and he told me it's been a devastating week. His family just buried their...
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Woman Hospitalized After Mistaking Wasabi For Avocado

The woman, who was not identified in the cast published by BMJ Case Reports , was at a wedding when she reached for what she thought was avocado dip.
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'Armed' Walmart Employee Stationed to Guard Freezer From Ice Cream Lickers

A Texas-area Walmart defends against ice cream licking copycats.
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Man Orders All The Food In A Restaurant So The Rude Woman Behind Him Wouldn’t Get Any

A guy who bought all the fried chicken at a takeaway because a woman called him fat has proved revenge can also be served hot.
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pineapple in a burrito

Pineapple in Burritos Is Taking Over the Pineapple on Pizza Debate

By The Wolf Wake Up Crew ( 102.9 The Wolf ) - I remember the first time someone asked me if I wanted mango salsa with my bottomless basket of tortilla chips; I was like, "excuse me? No, that's gross." Guess what? I was wrong. I ended up trying that mango salsa one day, first with my chips, then it...
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a plate of buffalo wings

The Perfect Menu Items for Your 'Game of Thrones' Viewing Party

After 20 long months, the return of Game of Thrones isupon us. With the premiere of the eighth and final season on Sunday, the big question now is: What are you going to serve at your viewing party? But fear not, your Westeros-approved menu has arrived. Shall we have lemon cakes? Everyone knows...
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Shake Shack's Game of Thrones burger and shake

There Is a Secret Game of Thrones Menu at House Shake Shack

UPDATE: Good news Game of Thrones fans and burger lovers. Shake Shack annnounced today that the Dracarys burger and Dragonglass shake will be spreading like an army of white walkers across Westeros. Starting Friiday April 12 they'll be rolling out all over the country. Unless you’ve been living in...
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Olive Garden

Is Food Better Than Flowers for Valentine's Day?

By: The Rob + Holly Show Sure flowers are traditional for Valentine's Day, but there is something to be said about the unconventional. Sweep your partner off his or her feet this year with something unique from Olive Garden. To show that you did indeed put some effort into your gift, the Italian...
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Metro Detroit Restaurants Featured Saturday On Travel Channel

Hey its Caddy and I am so looking forward to this. Saturday morning watch the Travel Channel for "The Zimmern List: Detroit." Andrew Zimmern who loves eating food from cities all over the U.S came to the Motor City in September. He will nosh on Detroit-style pizza, stop for a coney and chili fries...
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