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Should High Schools Ban Food Delivery Services?

Instead of packing lunches, many high school students now pack their cellphones, ordering food delivered to their school with apps like Grubhub, DoorDash and Uber Eats. The deliveries have become so frequent and disruptive that many schools have banned them. "It was getting to the point where you'd...
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Too Cold to Go Out to Get Food? See Who's Delivering FREE Burgers!

By: The Rob + Holly Show If you're able to hibernate today, you probably should. If you didn't end up stocking up on food, we have a solution for you. Wendy's wants you to have your beef and bacon too. If you order Wendy's through Door Dash this week, you can get a free Baconator sandwich with the...
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Woman Orders Food Delivery Just to Have the Driver Kill a Spider

Turns out restaurant delivery drivers will do more than just bring you food.
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5 Tips to Save Money on Food!

Find yourself spending way to much money on food? Here's 5 great tips to save this year!!!
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