Holly Hutton


Who Will Play the Next Batman?

By: The Rob + Holly Show Last week, it was confirmed that Ben Affleck wasn't returning as Batman and many names have come up as his replacement. Now the name that 's being linked to the part is Robert Pattinson. The rumor was started by illustrator BossLogic who made a poster of Pattinson as the...
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Snow Day

Why Snow Days Are Becoming More Frequent

By: The Rob + Holly Show We went from almost no snow in November and December, to having several snow days already in January. We are all fully aware that the sub zero temperatures coming this week are extremely dangerous and are good reason to cancel school, but our question is; is it getting...
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New Study: Smelling Pizza for 2 Minutes Can Help You Resist it

If you're having trouble with your new years resolutions when it comes to eating healthy, check this out! It can be tough to resist a slice of pizza when it's right in front of you, but a new study reveals if you just smell it for about two minutes your craving will pass. University of Florida...
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Holly's Horse Sense for January 16th 2019

The Greatest Reward for doing is the opportunity to do more. - JONAS SALK
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Chemical Bank Cares Day 2018

99.5 WYCD’s Rob & Holly will be out at the sixth annual Chemical Bank Cares Day on Monday, October 10th! Chemical Bank employees participate in service related projects across Michigan. Rob & Holly are rolling up their sleaves and joining Chemical Bank employees at the Detroit Animal...
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Taylor Swift Proves Why She's One Of The Best At Detroit Show

Tuesday night's Taylor Swift show was by far the best I’ve ever seen. I dare to say that it was so good; I have considered it a life-changing concert. That’s right – LIFE CHANGING.
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