Camel Takes Trip To PetSmart In Michigan [VIDEO]

On Sunday, Jeffrey the Camel from Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo in Muskegon was brought to PetSmart for his measurements.
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Drunk Shopping

We Spent How Much Last Year on Drunk Shopping!?

By: The Rob + Holly Show Drinking obviously lowers your inhibitions and it can also help you spend that money that's been burning a hole in your pocket. There was a survey conducted by Finder.com that found Americans spent billions of dollars making drunk purchases in 2018. A poll of over 2,000...
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Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie arrive at ABC's 'American Idol' show on April 23, 2018

Small Town Michigan Nurse Stuns The ‘American Idol’ Judges During His Audition

Jacob Moran is representing Michigan with his amazing singing voice. The 24 year old nurse from Dansville Michigan blew the judges away with his version of Ariana Grande's "Into You." Moran works in a nursing home and says he often sings to his residents. The judges loved his voice, and Luke Bryan...
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Michigan Man Makes Own Sandwich, Helps Customers Before Swiping $20

Police are looking for a man who allegedly walked into a Michigan Subway, made his own sandwich, rang up orders for other customers and took $20 from the cash register before leaving.
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Bundle Up Michigan Has Free Fishing This Weekend

Let's do this Michigan will offer free fishing this weekend, Feb. 16 and 17. Free fishing weekends are offered twice a year. This year, the weekends will be in February and June. All fishing license fees will be waived for two days. A recreation passport will not be required for entry into state...
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Pharmacist in Michigan Delivers Prescriptions on Snowmobile

The weather has been an issue for many of us but, for some in Ionia County, it meant not being able to get their prescriptions. Andrea Cusack, owner of Lake Odessa Pharmacy, discovered that one of her customers were in need of a refill and their home was surrounded by snow. She went home and had...
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Michigan Pharmacist Delivering Medicine By Snowmobile to Snowed-In Clients

As the polar vortex continues to keep the midwest in much of a deep freeze this week, one Michigan pharmacy is making sure their customers get the medicine they need - no matter what the weather is like.
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Too Cold to Go Out to Get Food? See Who's Delivering FREE Burgers!

By: The Rob + Holly Show If you're able to hibernate today, you probably should. If you didn't end up stocking up on food, we have a solution for you. Wendy's wants you to have your beef and bacon too. If you order Wendy's through Door Dash this week, you can get a free Baconator sandwich with the...
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Very Cool: Michigan Man Creates A Glowing Ice Sculpture In His Yard

A man’s glowing ice sculpture is lighting up his yard in western Michigan.
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Are You In The Top 25 Safest Cities In Michigan In 2019

Are you in one of Michigan safest cities? Here's a list of the safest cities in Michigan this week. The study was completed primarily to highlight the cities that have had the least amount of violent and non-violent crimes per population, Also bringing awareness to the cities that are more likely...
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