Rob Stone - Firework Girl

Casting Call: You Could Be in a Music Video!

Here's your chance to be in a music video!
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5-Year-Old Girl Dies From Coronavirus, Becomes Michigan’s Youngest Victim

The youngest person claimed by COVID-19 in Michigan has died. Skylar Herbert lost her battle at only 5 years old and is now the state’s youngest victim.
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Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels Teams with Local Business to Feed Seniors

Meals on Wheels has teamed up with MyDeal Graphics in St. Clair Shores to feed seniors in their homes.
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Boots walking in forest

Michigan Hunters Helping To Feed 232K Hungry People

Michigan deer hunters have donated an all-time record amount of venison along with $100,000 this holiday season to Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger. The donated meat is given to local food banks and homeless shelters. Michigan hunters have donated more than 58,000 pounds of venison, which is...
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Kindergartener Invites Whole Class to His Adoption Hearing

In a packed courtroom filled with kids, one boy’s life was about to change forever. Michael Clark Jr., from East Grand Rapids, Michigan was over the moon about his adoption day . He was so excited that he invited his whole kindergarten class to his adoption hearing, according to Good Morning...
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lakefront michigan property

You Can Buy Lakefront Michigan Property From DNR

In Michigan, you're either the person who is always "going up north" or you know someone who is. Maybe you've gotten your cabin or cottage passed down to you from family or maybe you go up north only to visit friends who own property. If you've had a dream of owning your own little piece of "up...
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Michigan Can Drink More Than Any Other State (almost)

When you're drinking beer, how many does it take for you to feel tipsy? There's a recent survey that is saying it takes the average person from Michigan 4.02 beers to feel tipsy. Congrats to Michigan because we are almost leading the way in the state who has the highest tolerance. The only other...
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Deer refuses to leave bathtub

Police responded to a breaking and entering call in Fenton, MI on Wednesday September 25th. It appears the deer was hit by a car and then crashed into a window of the home. The deer found it's way to the home's bathtub where it refused to leave. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources came and...
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Michigan Moves To Be 1st State To Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer moved Wednesday to make her state the first to ban flavored electronic cigarettes, accusing companies of using candy flavors and deceptive advertising to "hook children on nicotine."
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Watch Michigan Kayakers Experience Pictured Rock Cliff Collapsing

A group of Kayakers on a tour of the Pictured Rocks in northern Michigan were about 50 feet away from a collapsing cliff on the rocks. The cliffs themselves are about 200 feet tall, and the group of kayakers believed they were a safe distance away from the cliffs. Although, they also said smaller...
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