Adopt this cute dog

Pet Of The Week: Adopt Dragonfish Today

He's not a dragon or a fish, but he definitely needs a home!
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Pets At Office Can Increase Productivity, Reduce Stress, Research Says

New research says pets around the office can increase productivity and reduce stress.
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Pet Of The Week: Adopt Molly Today!

Meet Molly! She’s available for adoption today from the Michigan Humane Society. Can you handle a lot of puppy kisses? This is the dog for you.
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Meet Your Best Friend At The Detroit Zoo This Weekend

If you have room in your heart and your home for a fluffy new family member, this is the event for you.
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Woman Escapes With Cat From Car That Plunged Into River

A woman was able to save herself and her cat after the car they were riding in plunged into a Massachusetts river.
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99 5 WYCD Pet Of The Week Barley

Pet Of The Week: Adopt Barley Today!

This is Barley. Check out this wrinkly bundle of love. He's our Tito's Handmade Vodka pet of the week!
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Pet of the Week Buster

Pet Of The Week: Adopt Buster Today!

Meet Buster! He's melting hearts in the office today with his fresh haircut and underbite.
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Dog Gone Pet of the Week Zoey

Pet Of The Week: Adopt Zoey Today!

Meet Zoey! She’s a very cuddly pet of the week and she’s looking for a forever home. Find her at the Michigan Humane Society.
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Happy National Pet Day! Here Are A Few Ways To Celebrate The Day Dedicated To Pets

April 11 is a time to celebrate your favorite pet, whether it’s the traditional dog or cat or something a bit more exotic, like your favorite pet pig or reptile.
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King The Wire Fox Terrier Takes Westminster's Best In Show

There were some boos — along with modest cheers — at Madison Square Garden when judge Peter Green pointed at the 7-year-old King.
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