Too Cold to Go Out to Get Food? See Who's Delivering FREE Burgers!

By: The Rob + Holly Show If you're able to hibernate today, you probably should. If you didn't end up stocking up on food, we have a solution for you. Wendy's wants you to have your beef and bacon too. If you order Wendy's through Door Dash this week, you can get a free Baconator sandwich with the...
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Wendy’s Hilariously Roasts Everyone On Twitter For National Roast Day

The official Twitter account for Wendy’s celebrated the entirely made up National Roast Day recently and surprisingly, people and social media managers for brands across the country lined up to be sniped at and savagely dismissed. In case you don’t know, Wendy’s is known for their snarky Twitter...
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You Can Get Free Frostys For All of 2019 For $2

Wendy's is once again offering up their famed chocolate and vanilla soft serve treats on the house to customers for a whole year, for just $2. Yes, that's right, just $2.
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Wendy's offers free burgers for month of September

Wendy's is offering free burgers for the rest of the month of September, the fast food chain Tweeted.
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Steak ‘n Shake Tries And Fails To Take Down Wendy’s On Twitter

They should’ve known better than to mess with Wendy’s.
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Best Fast Food French Fries

Top 10 Best Fast Food French Fries

Some may just consider fries the side dish to fast food burgers, chicken tenders, and hot dogs, but they can make or break a dining experience. So, on a quest to find the best fries in the country, the folks at Foodbeast only considered fries made from single cuts from a whole potato. No onion...
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How Fast Food Restaurants Got Their Names

A brief history of how your favorite fast food chains were named.
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Job Offer: Chicken Nugget Connoisseur

Where do we sign up!?
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These Wendy's Training Videos From The 80s Are Really Catchy

In the 80’s, Wendy’s had training videos that are now painfully awesome to watch.
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